Поздравление от Гюнтера Шпора

(о публикации его старых фотографий)

What a nice and great rozhdestvenniy and New Year podarok and surprise. Spasiba bolshaya! :)))

I do hope that your other visitors enjoy our modest photo memories as much as I always immensely enjoy returning then and now to Uprava, Glinka, the Zelyonenkiy, the Sok, and the Zavod. Your site helps us former trofeiniye deti to keep up to a certain extent with developments, problems, atmosphere, - and to keep alive memories and to put them into a proper perspective – alongside, of course, of Prof. Bichurov’s site, Samara-Photo and some others.

Stchastlivogo Rozhdestva!
See you possibly in summer.
(And sorry, my Russian language is mostly gone.)

Gunter Spohr
(from Kurdistan of Iraq and Berlin)